China Business Pal is your number one stop for everything China related. Facilitating your business into the Chinese market that suits your business model. Whether you wish to sell from home or within in China, attract Chinese customers physically or online or sourcing products from China, we are here to help. We understand that China is seen as a hard place to do business, we take the stress out it and help you to understand this market.

Based in Belfast, UK. we have built up a wide network of partners across China and the global to help you tap into the second biggest economy in the world. Established in 2014 as Grant & Leng we have developed our business to meet the needs of all different types of clients with determined global of tapping into the Chinese market.

Our values

We have 5 core values that we apply to our business to benefit you:

Professionalism: At all times we will be professional to you with regards communication and handling your information with our partners.

Client-focused: Without you we wouldn't exist so we focus our services around the client and how they can be used to improve your business into the Chinese market.

Educational: We don't just want to provide you a service, we want to teach you about the Chinese market so you can make decisions from your knowledge.

Supportive: Even after we provide services we will be there to support you with existing ventures and any new ones you wish to pursue.

Passionate: We passionately care about our aim to provide you with services to facilitate your move into the Chinese market. Hence why we have these 5 core values.