Why language and cultural training is needed to do business with China?

One of the biggest barriers for western businesses in China is the language. Chinese Mandarin which is spoken in mainland China (compared to Cantonese which is spoken in Hong Kong and southern region of China along the coastline cities) is one of the hardest languages to learn for people from western countries. It is important that even if you have a translator with you on business trips you know some basic mandarin. This knowledge will show potential partners and suppliers that you are serious about doing business that you have taken the time to learn their language.

Cultural training is also important when doing business in China. The culture can sometimes be a big shock for those coming from a western culture. In relation to business Chinese people tend to want to know personally who they are doing business which is called Guan Xi, this can involve having a meal together. Unlike the western business culture Chinese people will want to ask you personal questions about your background, which sometimes can be very personal which would not happen in the west. It's important that western businesses understand this culture so they are not turned off doing business in China by contrasts with their own business culture.

About the Service

We provide clients with Chinese language and cultural training in a formal classroom setting or onsite at a location of your choice. We aim to give clients useful language and cultural knowledge that would be needed for trips to China, discussions over the phone and in business situations.