Why setup business in China?

China is a vast country in terms of size and population. In the west business rely on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook to help promote them. In China this also happens but it does not apply to everywhere in China. Also Facebook and twitter are both banned in China but there is of course Chinese alternatives. In some small regions the use of conventions and billboards would be more useful.

Another factor to take into consideration is that the Chinese demographics shows that there is more older people than young due to people being born before the restriction on the number of births. This means that website and social media advertising can be useless at targeting these markets.

About the Service

We provide services to clients to help create a marketing strategy in China. This can range from website advertising, business conventions, billboard advertising and social media marketing.

Our partner

Oxygen 2.0 is a full service inbound marketing, branding and web development agency based in Shenzhen, China. Uniquely placed to deliver inbound marketing solutions that turn customers leads into qualified leads, and turn those leads into paying customers. Providing turnkey marketing solutions to both Chinese SMEs and foreign companies enabling Western brands to penetrate the Chinese market.