Why translate your documents, apps and software to Chinese?

With a population of 1.5 billion people, China is the most populous country in the world. Of that 1.5 billion population around 500 – 600 million are consumers. This equates to just over the population of the entire European Union.

By translating and localising your documents and applications you can make them available in China to this wide audience of people.

About the Service

We have access to Chinese native speakers with translation experience. We provide a high quality translation and localisation of all types of documents and software to meet your requirement.

What we translate and localise.

  • Full document translation which can include:
    • Business Plans
    • Letters
    • Emails
    • Meeting notes
    • Business proposals
    • Orders and Invoices
  • Websites which includes:
    • Translation of graphics text
    • Localisation to Chinese standards and browsers
  • Mobile apps and computer programs which include:
    • Code and graphics
    • Localisation to Chinese standards
  • Translation in the form of an interpreter for:
    • Business trips to China
    • Phone conversations with suppliers and partners in China