About the Service

We provide clients with the facility to obtain visas for either business or tourist purposes. We aim to have a visa obtained within 10 working days. However this will be determined by the complexity of your application and the Chinese embassy.

Types of Visas available

The following is a list of Chinese visas that can be applied for.

F-Visa: Exchanges, visits, study tours and other activities

M-Visa: Commerce & Trade.

L-Visa: Tourist

Q-Visa: family Reunion

S-Visa: Visiting relatives working or studying in China

Z-Visa: Employment

G-Visa: Transit

C-Visa: Crew Member

X-Visa: Student

R-Visa: Introduced Talent

J-Visa: Journalist

D-Visa: Permanent Residence

For more details on each visa type and required documents read our Chinese Visa Process document.

Please contact us if you require a visa to Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, as the process to apply is different.

How to apply

You should contact us in the first instance to discuss your requirements for applying for a Chinese visa.

We have produced a document with details of the various Chinese visa types, fees and documents required for each visa type.

China Business Pal Chinese Visa Process document


All fees are included in the visa process document. Please refer to it for latest prices.

Our Partner

Along with Hongda we provide you with expert advice on visas. Hongda has years of experience with regards to Work related visas in China and Hong Kong. We will work with them to gain all required permission.